Tim Spector, Professor of Genetics and Author

Welcome to my website where you can find the latest information about my books “The Diet Myth” and “Identically Different”, and the research that inspired them.

The books reflect my varied research interests; and both have in common my passion to convey to as many people as possible, the amazing discoveries that have come to light during my research career at the Department of Twin Research, King’s College London.

My latest book, The Diet Myth, has given me the opportunity to shine a light on the thousands of misunderstood microbes that live in our body and to show you that our diets and lifestyle have huge implications for their survival and for our overall health and wellbeing.

Although the research on this fascinating field is ongoing, I encourage you to come with me on a journey into the world of the microbiome and diets, full of surprising facts that will change the way you look at your diet and teach you to love your microbes.

Book reviews for The Diet Myth

The Diet Myth is fascinating, and I'm now obsessed with microbes!
Nigella Lawson
A fascinating and original look at the impact of food on our bodies underpinned by cutting-edge research.
Michael Mosley
It's not often that a book changes my life in a mere three chapters ... given my usual reluctance to jump on any nutritional bandwagon, I reckon this makes Tim Spector's work a rather compelling read. ... It's truly eye-opening stuff, and we owe it to ourselves and the 100 trillion friends inside our bodies to read this book.
Felicity Cloake, LITERARY REVIEW
I don't read diet books and I certainly never plug them, but The Diet Myth is a worthy exception that provides new insight into why we should think twice about what we put in our mouths.
Dr Mark Porter, THE TIMES


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