• Would you Dare find out your body’s REAL AGE?

    The number of candles on your birthday cake may not reflect your real age. GlycanAge helps people track how lifestyle changes improve their ageing. The test analyses the levels of tiny sugar molecules (glycans) in the blood. - Read More

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  • Dangerous visceral fat could be linked to bacteria in human FAECES

    The reason people struggle to lose weight may have been discovered by scientists analysing human excrement. - Read More

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  • Body fat link to bacteria in faeces

    The make-up of the bacteria found in human faeces may influence levels of dangerous fat in our bodies, say researchers from King's College London. - Read More

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  • Could another person’s feces help you lose weight?

    When you eat, you are also supplying the bacterial community in your colon, made up of 100 trillion cells. The right food can help this microbiome. - Read More

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  • Scientists find new fat clues in feces

    Scientists in Britain have found a new link between the diversity of bacteria in human poo - the human fecal microbiome - and levels of harmful types of body fat. - Read More

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  • Fecal bacteria linked to body fat

    A new link between the diversity of bacteria in human poo -- known as the human fecal microbiome -- and levels of abdominal body fat, has been identified by scientists. The research provides further evidence of possible genetic influences on obesity, through heritable bacteria found in the fecal microbiome. - Read More

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Book reviews for The Diet Myth

The Diet Myth is fascinating, and I'm now obsessed with microbes!
Nigella Lawson
A fascinating and original look at the impact of food on our bodies underpinned by cutting-edge research.
Michael Mosley
It's not often that a book changes my life in a mere three chapters ... given my usual reluctance to jump on any nutritional bandwagon, I reckon this makes Tim Spector's work a rather compelling read. ... It's truly eye-opening stuff, and we owe it to ourselves and the 100 trillion friends inside our bodies to read this book.
Felicity Cloake, LITERARY REVIEW
I don't read diet books and I certainly never plug them, but The Diet Myth is a worthy exception that provides new insight into why we should think twice about what we put in our mouths.
Dr Mark Porter, THE TIMES



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