• The Spectator

    Timspector Dec, 10, 2015

    Why processed foods are bad: they massacre our microbes Last week the people of the world were in shock when many of their favourite meats…

  • The Observer

    Timspector Nov, 24, 2015

    What is healthy eating? Tim Spector contributes to a featured by The Observer on what constitutes healthy food. Read the full article here

  • The Naked Scientists

    Timspector Nov, 02, 2015

    Better screening needed for transpoosion Following Tim Spector's review on poo transplants for the British Medical Journal, listen to a podcast and interview with the Naked Scientists…

  • The Conversation


    Drink a glass of olive oil every day the Mediterranean way to a long life I felt nauseous and dizzy. My attempted one week of…

  • Modern Notion Daily

    Timspector Oct, 19, 2015

    The Human Body Is Basically Just a Blob of Microbes, Fungi, and Viruses In this episode of Modern Notion, Tim Spector explains the importance of…

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