Tim Spector and the Department of Twin Research at King’s College is collaborating with some of the world’s leading scientists from academic centers including Harvard, Lund (Sweden), Massachusetts General Hospital, Oxford (UK), King’s College London (UK), Tufts, Stanford and nutritional science company ZOE (https://joinzoe.com) to conduct the PREDICT studies, the largest scientific nutrition studies of their kind in the world.

PREDICT investigates individual nutritional responses to normal meals in order to predict personalised food responses based on individual characteristics, like the bacteria in your gut.

We are using the data from these studies to develop a consumer product – a home test and app – that will allow anyone to understand their personal nutritional response and choose foods that optimize their metabolism, improve long-term health and manage weight more easily.

We have completed PREDICT 1 and announced some ground-breaking preliminary results at the American Society of Nutrition conference in June 2019 (find more at https://joinzoe.com) and are now live with the second phases of the PREDICT studies in the UK and the US (see https://predict.study for more information).