Tim Spector and the Department of Twin Research at King’s College are running the “PREDICT” (Personalised Responses to Dietary Composition Trial) study, which as far as we are aware, will be the largest nutritional intervention study of its kind ever carried out in the world

PREDICT will investigate individual responses to normal meals in order to predict personalised food responses based on individual characteristics, like the bacteria in your gut. For each participant, the study will last for two weeks, starting with a clinical visit for a day at St Thomas’ Hospital and then 13 days at home and it involves participants logging their meals for this period, measuring the response of a number of biomarkers to these meals and sequencing their gut microbiome.

We will be using the results from PREDICT to be able to predict our individual responses to food and help everyone discover the best foods for weight and health based on their unique gut microbiome.

We are commencing the first phase of the study with Twin participants only and we will open participation to non-Twins in the next few months so if you are interested in signing-up to PREDICT, visit predict.study and fill-in the contact form.