In the course of research, Tim Spector has been shocked to discover how little scientific evidence there is for many of our most deep-rooted ideas about food. much of the current advice about food and nutrition is dangerously inaccurate, misleading and often downright wrong

In twenty-two short, myth-busting chapters, this book reveals why almost everything we’ve been told about food is wrong. Tim pays special attention to the scandalous lack of good science behind many medical and government food recommendations, and how the food industry holds sway over these policies and our choices. These are urgent issues that matter not just for our health as individuals but for the future of the planet.

Spoon-Fed forces us to question every diet plan, official recommendation, miracle cure or food label we encounter, and encourages us to rethink our whole relationship with food.

Book reviews for Spoon-Fed

Illuminating and so incredibly timely
Yotam Ottolenghi
A hugely enjoyable and critical look at common food myths
Michael Mosley
Reads like a clarion call for change… If diet is indeed “the most important medicine we all possess “, this book should be available on prescription
Felicity Cloake, Literary Review


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